An oak box stool with church windows carving
Old style strap iron hinges in keeping with the time.
Close up of box stool leg and worn rails.
A box stool to keep hymnals in.Glory  be to God carving.
Storage space. Before the invention of the drawer.
This is what texting would have looked like in the 16th century?
Close up of joint box stool with carving detail.
Oak box stool with two hand carved medialons
Mary and Jim still have this in their family room.
Oak box stool with carved medallion and diamonds in the corners.
tree of life design box stool
A wedding box stool
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The box stool. Built in the Jacobean English Oak style.  The "Ikea" storage solution, before the invention of the drawer.
This multi-use piece of furniture was hi-tech at the time although it probably did not come in an "assemble yourself" option.
Box Joint Stools
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