Shepherd's Cottage has been making handmade furniture and the Memory Benches here in rural Markham since 1995. Everything that we sell is made by us. We take pride in being a true cottage industry. Many of the items you see here are made from materials that have been recycled, reused, repurposed or re-engineered to provide a superior product without using new material. Industry will often cast off perfectly good material which is too small or partly imperfect. We will use this along with material from recycled furniture, and some new material,  to make what you see on these pages.
We do not have the facilities to make large pieces or large quantities, but we have found our niche by making personalized furniture, one at a time, especially for you.
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Shepherd's Cottage
111 Dickson Hill Rd.
Markham On L3P3J3
905.642.7437 or 1.800.644.7534
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Look for the red roof barn.
Mike & Debbie Reilly
The shop where I get dusty.
Mike & Debbie Reilly 1995
Shepherd's Cottage summer and winter
The shop and workbench.
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Seventeen years later.