In your minds eye what does your footstool look like? What size should it be?   Is it for the grandchildren to sit on when they visit or will it be used as a bed stool to climb into bed? Do you have specific purpose in mind? Would you use it as a bed stool? Should it be longer, higher or would it be covered in your needle point? Would you have it carved? What would you say? Perhaps a line of poetry, names and dates, Latin or Greek verse? Would you keep it or give it away?
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Footstools or Foot Stools
The name of their farm, Wild Oaks
12x17x12 tall oak wedding stool
A footstool made especially for Sarah and Brad's wedding day
An oak footstool with two lines of carving. Osgoode Hall Toronto
The phrase... I see simplicity In the complicated... carved around a blonde footstool.
A close up detail of an oak footstool.
An oak footstool with straight aprons and tapered legs with green leather.
Graduation footstool
17x17x12 tall footstool with turned legs
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Shepherd's Cottage
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