Imagine Your Gift
Shepherd's Cottage
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Not many visitors make it to this page. It is not a page that has a specific purpose except to ask the question...what if?
Where will that footstool be in 50 years? Which grandchild will want a bench with some relatives name on it?
Like a message in a bottle, where will it end up?

How green is re-gifting or regifting with a twist.
When we are asked of a donation to a charity auction we feel that we are giving to the charity and when someone trades their money for our gift they too are helping the charity.
So our gift comes with a catch.  We now encourage these same people continue with their generosity.
Underneath the footstool is a brass plaque that reads...
"This is a gift and a gift it shall remain...."
Be still & know that I am God Be still & know that I am God
Be still, & know that I am God.   Ps. 46 V10
carved around