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A choice of 3 colours are included in these prices, Blonde, Walnut and Antique Extra dark. There are many other choices and options available to you when purchasing our furniture.
If you have any questions please feel free to call or contact us.
Extra Dark Stain Colour
Extra Dark Stain Colour

With Word Carving
For the number of  letters allowed take the length of the side and subtract 5.
So, an 18" side would have room for 13 characters or spaces.
Memory Bench Prices  Prices
No Carving
12" x 12" x18" tall
12" x 24" x18" tall
12" x 32" x18" tall
Uncarved Footstools with leather upholstery.
12" X 17" up to 12" tall $170.00
17" x 17" up to 12" tall $195.00
For carving words around add 15%
For additional carving on a second line add $1.00 per character.
For a footstool with no upholstery subtract 10%
For other sizes please call.
12" x 18" x18" tall
18" x 18" x18" tall
18" x 24" x18" tall
18" x 32" x18" tall
24" x 32"  x18" tall
The price of each table depends upon so many factors such as legs, size,carving and shipping distance and weight.
For instance a table 30" tall  with a top 18"x 32", square legs
and no carving would be $590.00 . Please call with your requirements.
With names or initials carved in the top.
8"x 16"x 16"tall $105.00
8"x 24"x 16 tall $ 135.00
8" x 32" x 16 tall $155.00
The Box Stools with circle carving 21" tall and the top is 12" x 18". $505.00
Same Box Stool with no carving $ 420.00
This Box stool with linear (Church Windows) carving $590.00
The larger (dark) box stool with Church Windows carving $690.00
with names ,dates etc. add $1.00 per character.
With your own design or another size?  please call
Engraving under the top. $25.00
Extra carving $1.00/character
Hand hole in the top $25.00

To add carving after the Bench is made
$5.00 per character

Replacing panels on a standard Memory Bench.

First panel $25.00. Each additional panel $15.00
Re-staining and Laquering $50.00 (required)
Carving $1.00 per character or $15.00 maximum.
So to replace 3 panels with carving or to replace all four
panels with no carving would be $120.00
Shipping and Taxes extra.

We have helped thousands create a gift they were proud to give.
We look forward to helping you as well.
Call 1-800-644-7534
Standard Memory Bench with Carving
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Footstool Prices
Hall/Sofa Tables
Rustic Benches
Box Stools
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Please allow us 2-3 weeks to make your bench and then add shipping time.
To be on the safe side order a month before the required date.
Please feel free to call for a firm delivery date.
We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Custom sizes and styles may take longer. Ask for a delivery time.

Shipping costs (includes insurance)  are based on size, weight and distance.
We ship by FedEx. (Canada Post is used for very remote locations in Canada)
Sample Shipping Fees for a 12" x 18" Memory Bench or a Small Footstool: 
(Larger heavier items will be more.)
Shipping Cost to within Canada :   To Postal codes
L, M, N $30.00
H, J ,K    $40.00
B,G,R  $$45.00
E,P,S,T  $50.00
A,C,V  $55.00
Some remote addresses will be more. A0, A2, G0 ,G4, X0, Y0.Please ask.

To American States Michigan to Ohio & East $65.00
Mid-West and South $75.00
Texas to Montana &West  $85.00

If you are local, or you will be in the area, you may pick up your items at our address. Please call.
Shipping Information
Extra Dark Stain Colour
Extra Dark Stain Colour

 Walnut and Extra Dark Stain
Walnut and Extra Dark Stain

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A Douglas Stool & an Antique Extra dark Memory Bench
An Antique Extra Dark Memory Bench
A Walnut stain and Antique Extra Dark stain Memory Bench
Top with a hole to pick up the bench