The road goes ever on and on. Lord of the Rings Furniture
The rustic is carved like on  the old oak tree
Carved for an engagment present. Will they add children's names later?
A wedding gift for Amanda and Joey
The yellow birch top showing the carving
Hidden message, in pencil, under the top
Today is your day
Dr. Seuss carving
A family tree of sorts.
A pair of rustics waiting at the door.
The legs are wedged to never come out.
Ebony and ivory. Not quite twins, more of a couplet.
Small sturdy stable  rustic
tall and slim
A flock of rustic benches
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They have been described as...simple, basic, utilitarian, strong, rustic, quirky, unsquare and  wonky.
They are built as a pioneer would have, using five pieces of wood, simple tools and no fasteners. The legs are held in place by wedges, at odd angles, the tops are warped, twisted and mis-shapen. No two are  identical. Some are carved with initials, hearts, words, poetry etc.
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Rustic Pioneer Benches
Shepherd's Cottage
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