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The Wedding Gift

The Memory Bench may be small, useful and in the classic Elizabethan English Oak style making it just another piece of furniture, but it carries a message, a sentiment, a story and a feeling. Some of these are instantly recognizable and others will become apparent over time.
On the surface the Wedding  Bench shows the bride's name, the groom's name, their date and year. Look a little deeper and you will see that the bench is made in such a way as to not come apart easily. The carving is deep and bold, it is easily read and cannot be removed or erased. When this bench is made there is no going back. It is here to stay.
Along with the obvious story of their wedding it is also making the subtle statement
"we are here to stay".
When you present this to the couple you in turn are saying..."I believe in you. I believe in Your decision. I stand behind you."

Wedding Symbolism in this Simple Table.

With each name on an opposite side, each retain their own outlook, they protect each others back, no one is first and they are equals, with equal space and importance.

The ends are carved with their wedding's month, day and year, therefore the two names are joined together by the date.

Each side has two legs, and collectively the four, make for a sturdy and stable foundation.

The top provides protection and allows them to share the weight of their world.

The bench is made from oak, a long lived tree, a hard and durable wood.

The construction methods used, invented over 500 years ago, have withstood the test of time and have proven themselves equal to the task.

like a marriage,
with some care and consideration both will last a long, long time. 

The traditional Memory Bench stands 18 inches tall
( the same height as a standard dining chair) and the top is 12 X 18 inches.
There is room for 13 characters or spaces on each of the two long sides
and room for seven on the ends.
Each bench is carved and then assembled. The carving around the apron is included in the price. Additional carving could be put on the rails near the floor if required. ($1.00 per character)
Some customers like to put a brass plaque underneath the top of the bench to indicate their sentiments or best wishes. 

The Memory Bench has also been called or is similar to a
Brides Bench, Wedding Bench, Wedding benches,
Wedding Stool, Marriage Bench,
Douglas Stool, Ridpath stool, Wedding table, Marital bench,
Shepherd's Bench, Anniversary Naming Bench and a joint stool.
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Memory Bench
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